mobile car valeting and detailing in Hammersmith

Mobile Car Valeting

Hammersmith, Holland Park, Kensington
Earls Court, Shepherds Bush

West London

Tel. 07725 467011

Foam, Wash, Wax, Dry, Tyres Shined


Quickly remove hard water, bitumen stains and dirt on a car to look it nice and clean.

Basic Outside, Dashboard, Vacuum, Windows


A car wash (basic) + interior floor and mats vacuumed, rubber mats washed, dashboard & windows cleaned.

Foam, Wash, Wax, Water Polish, Air Dry, Tyres Shined


High-gloss water polish for a more shiny look; air dry to push out any remaining water to avoid hard water stains.

VIP Outside, Dashboard, Vacuum, Windows


A car wash (VIP) + interior floor and mats vacuumed, rubber mats washed, dashboard & windows cleaned.

VIP Outside, Dashboard, Plastics, Seats, Car Mats, Vacuum, Windows


A car wash (VIP) + car door sills, floor mats washed; floor carpets vacuumed, seats, dashboard and all plastics cleaned with foam cleaner and trim spray.

Exterior Valet

VIP Outside, Hand Polishing


Most of the stains such as sunscreen stains that seemed to be impossible to remove and some very minor scratches will go away after a hand polishing giving your vehicle a high-gloss finish look.

AutoCar Valet Special

Mini & Exterior Valeting


Very close to a full valet that brings your car to the showroom condition. The combine of the two services is often enough to get it ready for sale, a wedding party, or any other event that requires a car to look completely tidy, clean, and shiny.

Interior Valet

Interior General Shampoo Cleaning


Full interior cleaning; washing fabric seats and carpets with a shampoo to get rid of hardly removable stains to give the interior a fresh look.

Exterior & Interior Valet


Detailing a car both externally and internally to make it look like a new and outstanding in any street of London or ready to be displayed in a showroom.

Polishing Headlights, Basic In & Out


Have the headlights of your car restored and get in & out basic car valeting for free. Renew foggy headlights before the MOT test!

VIP Outside, Clay Bar Detailing, Polishing


Renew the layout of the paint of your car; remove minor scratches and swirl marks to make it look just like a brand new; for those who love their car.

AC Anti-Bacterial Treatment

With Spray Cleaner and Disinfectant


Kills bacteria and gets rid of a bad smell that spreads in a vehicle once an aircon system is on. It is an add-on service only.


In perfectionism the quantity doesn’t count, high standards do. The goal is always to provide a quality car valeting service as well as to meet, and exceed desired expectations.


AutoCar Valet service is affordable to anyone valuing a hand-work completed with regards to every detail. Reasonable price for high-quality service provided to all our customers.


Get in touch to have a chat over the phone, or send an enquiry via email to, or use the form below. Enjoy the comfort of a mobile car valeting service at your door.

Mobile car valeting and detailing service is provided in Hammersmith and the suburbs of a neighborhood area in West and South West London including Holland Park, Kensington, Earls Court, and Shepherds Bush; postal codes respectively W6, W14, W8, W11, W14, SW5, SW7, SW5, W12.

Mobile Car Valeting Rates in Hammersmith - while the pricelist table indicates an initial price for each service, the final price would be offered at the time of a car inspection. A condition of a vehicle and the time required to complete the work are the main factors to determine the actual cost. The easiest way to do so is to send images of the areas (exterior, interior) that need cleaning over to

Mobile Car Valeting in Hammersmith - full and partial mobile car valeting is available. The only difference is using either a portable electric generator or in-house power to supply the equipment such as pressure washer, hoover, or car polisher. The second option is preferred if the higher noise coming out from an electric generator for the neighbourhood would be an issue.

Professional Car Detailers - Richardas Vitkus and his team, friendly chaps and dedicated car valeting experts, providing customers with the best of their knowledge and experience gained over the years in the motor industry. Email Richardas to or call/text 0044 (0) 7725 467011 to have a chat over the phone.


Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing in Rain

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Outside Wash (Not Recommended)
  • Car Polishing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Cabriolet Hood Treatment


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 1
  • Mini Valet x 2
  • Basic In & Out x 9

minimum charge &
save up to £92.50

  • Car size (small) £697.50
  • Car size (medium) £765.00
  • Car size (large) £832.50


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 1
  • Mini Valet x 4
  • Basic In & Out x 19

minimum charge &
save up to £175.50

  • Car size (small) £1,318.50
  • Car size (medium) £1,449.00
  • Car size (large) £1,579.50


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 4
  • Mini Valet x 12
  • Basic In & Out x 36

minimum charge &
save up to £406.00

  • Car size (small) £3,042.00
  • Car size (medium) £3,348.00
  • Car size (large) £3,654.00

Small Car

small car mini

Medium Size Car

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Large Car

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