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Machine polishing is highly cosmetic work to renew the paintwork on a vehicle, to remove various stains, swirl marks, and scratches where possible. A scrupulous hand-work throughout with intensive machine polishing is often required to reach ideal results. Be ready to leave your car in our care for most of the day or even longer once you book the service.

After the work is complete, your car will look brand-new, leaving a look of the paintwork as fresh as it came out from a factory. The damages where the layers of the paint harmed by deep scratches or long-left stains caused by acid (bird’s poo, the yolk of the egg, etc.) cannot be fixed by machine polishing while making it a bit less visible. Therefore, taking good care of your automobile at all times will save a lot of monies, especially when it comes to the point of selling a car for a desired and reasonably higher price; or returning the vehicle to the leasing company.

Machine polishing is a big part of car detailing that requires a lot of time, accuracy, and patience for the best possible results. At AutoCar Valet, we always ready to provide the service by the highest standards.

Before intensive machine polishing, we will give your vehicle a good wash and clean out any residues left after using a clay bar.

For any enquiries, please contact Richardas Vitkus at AutoCar Valet on 07725 467011 or send an email to Alternatively, use the below form to submit the details for a prompt response.

machine polishing - mobile car valet


In perfectionism the quantity doesn’t count, high standards do. The goal is always to provide a quality car valeting service as well as to meet, and exceed desired expectations.


AutoCar Valet service is affordable to anyone valuing a hand-work completed with regards to every detail. Reasonable price for high-quality service provided to all our customers.


Get in touch to have a chat over the phone, or send an enquiry via email to, or use the form below. Enjoy the comfort of a mobile car valeting service at your door.

A permutation between the services may apply upon perceiving the vehicle in question. Three basics In & Out Vs. 1 Full Valet; two basics In & Out Vs. 1 Mini Valet.


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 1
  • Mini Valet x 2
  • Basic In & Out x 9

& minimum charge
monthly payments

  • Car size (small) £697.50
  • Car size (medium) £765.00
  • Car size (large) £832.50


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 1
  • Mini Valet x 4
  • Basic In & Out x 19

& minimum charge
monthly payments

  • Car size (small) £1,318.50
  • Car size (medium) £1,449.00
  • Car size (large) £1,579.50


Yearly Extended

  • Full Valet x 4
  • Mini Valet x 12
  • Basic In & Out x 36

& minimum charge
monthly payments

  • Car size (small) £3,042.00
  • Car size (medium) £3,348.00
  • Car size (large) £3,654.00

Small Car

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Medium Size Car

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Large Car

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